Non Formal Education Methods

Here are just a few of the methods that we used in the project:


In the non-formal education it’s very important that the group operate optimal. For that,
Teambuilding activities are very useful to let the participants let knowing each other, and build a positive team dynamics.
Name game

You play name games at the beginning of the project to get to know each other and learn people names. You should also some more name games at different stages of the project to help people remember everyone. 

Trust games

Trust is the most important ingredient for a good team spirit. There for, you can intervent some exercises which will  improve the trust feeling between participants. 

Information Games

These are activities that help you create or extract pieces of information from the participants. For example different work in groups giving different topics for groups to discuss their experience and knowledge and create a presentation. 


Used in art therapy. The team has to make collage out of magazines and newspapers about some certain subject. The work style depends on the group. Some groups will have a discussion about the subject before they decided what the collage will illustrate. Some groups will start with looking for interesting images and then linking them together.

Lotus Blossom

Lotus Blossom is used when:

  • you want to develop creative ideas,
  • you need to create seeds of ideas that can trigger further good ideas.

Lotus Blossom technique is designed to systematically identify and list all of the items about
some certain topic. Employing this technique provides the basis for knowing which
assumptions to question or verify, thereby directing what information needs to be collected.

Using this method we created the content for this website.

How does it work:

First you write the subject in the middle of the large paper and ask the group to generate all
ideas that come into their minds about this subject. You end up with a large number of

In the next stage you take a new paper, write the same subject in the middle and ask you
group to come up with five or six main titles that would include all the items from the
previous paper.

The five or six topics are now groups. You ask people to join the group that is the most
interesting for them and create a content of the subject.

Speed dating

An inner and outer circle is being created with chairs, the participants face each other and start sharing names and topics.

World map

The participants are asked to stand on the map in the place where they are coming from so the group get an idea about the distance between their environments. After they have shared their experience in their country, the participants are asked to travel to a country to they would like to visit. When the ‘ traveling’ is done the group will share their motivation behind their land of choice.

Theatre of the oppressed

For information visit;

Examples of energizers

Everybody sits on a chair in a circle, except one person standing. That person has to state a characteristic that a part of the group or all the group has (people wearing blue, having green eyes, wearing glasses etc) and those people will have to move and find other seats. The person standing will also try to get a chair so another person will be standing at the end. And he/she will start again.

Informal education

Besides the non-formal educating program there are a lot of activities you do in your spare time. Like sharing dinners, spend tim, doing entertainment activities with each other. This is called the informal education which, is very important for the group process because here the participants learn to know, and to communicate with each other in a informal way.