Speakers of Europe is a 8 days training Course who took place in Baida (20Km from Palermo, Sicily), targeting youth workers or social workers, and IT and community managers. It involved 40 participants from Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Portugal, Spain and United Kingdom. It has been coordinated by CESIE and supported by the European Commission – Youth in Action Programme – Action 4.3.

During one week, the participants reflected on EU citizenship and various perception of it throughout Europe. This initiative is meaningful with 6 months to go before the next Parliamentary elections (22-25 May 2014), for which abstention will be a critical threat. In this context, young people can play a major role in promoting an active participation and in spreading the word about the civic processes which regard all of us. The participants firstly analyzed the European issues and European citizenship, both at institutional and individual level. Specific techniques of communication through social media were then presented to the participants, who were given the most accurate tools for conceiving and launching campaigns. With this double input, youth/social workers, IT and community managers were asked to shape a citizenship or voting campaign.

Following the two phases of thinking and creating, the moment came to share the results, through this online toolbox. Indeed, this toolbox will be a support, but we expect a lot from the word of mouth, and from participants spreading the word among their family and friends, given their great enthusiasm about the project. This may reinforce the multiplier effect, and encourage any kind of individual in Europe to take action in order to promote EU citizenship and electoral participation

Contact: aurelien.leblay@cesie.org

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