Discussion Points

  • We discussed the main steps to creating a communications strategy. This included making clear objectives, identifying specific target groups and audiences, the different methods of communications and how to evaluate and measure the impact of the communications strategy.
  • The group spoke about the various types of traditional media (an example: newspapers). We also spoke about its relationship with social media.
  • After discussing a communications strategy we focussed on the main components for an effective social media campaign. During this section we discussed crisis management, integration analysing and many other areas.
  • Session leaders then encouraged the group to create their very own campaign which promoted youth participation in the EU Parliamentary Elections. We were encouraged to ensure the message was clear, creative and innovative and that we used a variety of methods to communicate these messages. It was important that these messages were transferable so that it could be understood in other European languages. The group worked in small groups as a team all inputting ideas.