Our aim is to change attitudes of young people to encourage them to vote.

Target groups

  • 18 to 30
  • People who don't care - to encourage interest
  • People who are angry - to provoke them to vote
  • People who don't know - to give them knowledge
  • People who do care - to share their interest

Key messages

  • You (young people) sleep - they (politicians) sleep
  • You care - they care
  • Care about Europe
  • Use your vote to influence change
  • We are the observers

Expected impact

  • More voters
  • To change people's attitudes
  • Develop understanding of citizenship
  • To start discussion on EU issues and voting

Communication methods

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  • Twitter page
  • Facebook page
  • Tshirts
  • Connect with similar campaigns on social media to increase reach
  • Tweet about what we are learning about Europe
  • Tweet about EU discussion topics
  • Ask young people to send us photos of their group activities
  • Ask young people to send us pictures in their t-shirts on voting day
  • Elections after party - groups to organise in their own communities or online
  • Posters in offices of local organisations
  • Prizes for the most active participants on social media
  • Connect with EU website my vote
  • Write article for our local organisations websites
  • A member of the team needs to always be available to respond to participants
  • Evaluation of the campaign:
  • Number of people who voted and come to the after parties
  • Clicks on websites and twitter
  • Ask people throughout the campaign 'have we changed your mind?' Answer yes/no
  • Are more people using other websites?
  • What if something goes wrong?
  • Agreements on codes of behaviour for communication
  • Plan for large response
  • Plan campaign messages and times of day
  • We made a timeline of activity to carry out our campaign
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