Early in the week we discussed the question

'Do we have a moral obligation to use our vote in elections?'

Everyone was allowed the space to give their opinions

These were the responses:

  • People have to take part for democracy to work
  • Some people don't understand how or why to vote
  • People in some countries are not inspired to vote
  • We should vote to make a change
  • If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem
  • The right to vote is not in your power, if you cannot vote or do not have the right to vote does this make you immoral?
  • We (as a group) have a moral obligation because it is possible for us
  • Voting is the right to choose and feel free about expressing your opinion. It is a state of mind and should not be considered an obligation.
  • Democracy is interpreted in different ways in different countries
  • The vote is a privilege (in Europe) other countries are still fighting