Participant Quotes

The participants each provided a few words to explain the project for them:

Maria: "Fun and Warming"
Isabel: "Interesting"
Aurelian: "Caring is Deciding" 
Altino: "Enlighting"
Sabrina: "Can we have BUTTER please"
Daniel: "Fun and Performance Combined"
Ieva: "Finding the Power within You"
En: "Empowerment of Knowledge through Quality"
Arthur: "Inspiring"
Natalia: "I eat pasta every day, I don’t care, I like it"
Denisa: "Connecting ........"
Kleovoulos: "the Bad coffee and the Good coffee"
Krista: "Thanks but no thanks"
Nikolai: "I’m confused"
Holger: "Discovering the Mystery"
Eduardo: "Problems should be treated as challenges"
Jurgita: "Mr. Moretti..."
Laura: "I really don’t want to Go home"
Soad: "Dum tak tak tak Dum...."
Jan: "Stand up and make a perfect Circle"
Inger: "Europe.. We are one"  
Kyriakos: "Wine keeps the heart warm and ...."
Nikoleta: "I "3 Cicily, Let’s get United"
Eleni: "Ie Cando Cando Seciliano...."
Stella: "The evening of Thankfulness"
Eva: "See you later....Alligator"
Anka: "Geia mas....Nazdravje....Terbisex.....Sherefe.....Salute....Cheers...."
Anja: "Dont be late"
Irilda: "Feel the magic...."
Daniel: "Sharing experiences" 
Diana: "Cultural Learning"
Michel: "We de de de de de de de De We um …um… a way" 
Zina: "Banana for the brain"
Romel: "Fabulous"
Svetlana: "Uniting Diversity"
Maria: "Amazing Week"
Cagla: "Full of spirit"
Jana: "New energy...."
Victor: "New tools, New challenges"
Alexandra: "Tasty oranges"
Binka: "Dream about Palermo"